Monday, February 17, 2014

048 :: White Gold.

Today was some kind of holiday. Who cares? It was a day off work.
(Well, sort of.)

You see, the cows still have to be milked, regardless of which ever famous president is having a birthday today. Regardless of whether the stock market is closed, the livestock still need tending.

And so I took pleasure in accompanying the milk man on his run to the dairy to visit my 20th part share of Cow #212, and be of some (dubious) assistance in bringing home the goods to a list of customers, eagerly awaiting delivery of this week's nectar of the gods.

Yes, we are peddlers of raw milk. Real. And. Wholesome.

Monday, February 10, 2014

041 :: Monday, can't trust that day

One would think that at my age I might be a little wiser. One would think...

Alas, I am still stuck in the mindset that ignores the fact that what I put into my mouth has an effect on the rest of my well being.

Case in point: lovely dinner last night with the dearest of friends. Hours spent around the table laughing and crying and make plans for future lovely dinners. The food was great, the company the best. But once again, my judgement was sorely lacking. And really, it wasn't that any one thing was the culprit. Seriously, I just can't eat that much food any more. Steak... roasted potatoes, grilled asparagus and peppers, mixed green salad with more vegetables than I can even name, red wine... followed by a homemade-from-scratch New York cheesecake (gluten free, of course!)

Of course, I won't mention the caprese skewer appetizers, rice crackers, Chinese roasted walnuts... I probably should have stopped right there! But I am not exactly known for leaving well enough alone.

So, between the hot flashes all night long, general lethargy has succeeded in making this a Monday that I would just rather not repeat.

Thank goodness for bone broth in the fridge and detox tea. Lots and lots of detox tea...

Sheesh... will I never learn?

Thursday, February 6, 2014

037 :: Moving right along

I have to admit, I am trying really hard to think of something positive to say. I said when we moved in here 9 years ago that my next move would be in a pine box.

Eating my words.

So, even though we have no place to go, I am packing. Because I am done here. And, not being one to wait until the last minute to get ready, I am packing. If it is not essential to life, it is going in a box. Three boxes of books this morning, and now I am dusting annoying knick-knacks and wrapping them in batting. And trying to remember why on earth anyone needs knick-knacks in the first place. Good golly. The first time we moved 41 years ago, we moved in one day. Now... I am happy if I can move in one month.

White coral from the beach of Panga. Just in case I can't remember which vase to put it back in when I eventually unpack.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

036 :: Oasis

Morning is the oasis of my day.

Just 15 minutes sharing a cup of coffee and a chat with the DH. OK, mine is more cocoa than coffee, but what the heck. It's not the drink, it's the company. And I'm not really a morning person.

Seriously, why can't the rest of the day be so great?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

035:: Ready, Steady, Go

I thought it would be fun to plug "60's Oldies" into Pandora today at the office. We basically rocked out all morning. It also provoked some pretty amusing stories and reminiscences. Isn't it amazing how certain songs can evoke vivid memories even 50 years later?

Sadly, even though my mind was singing along, the reality is that if I sing, I would hear my grandmother. Wow, when did that happen? I think that is a case of "use it or lose it" in real life.

On another note, 33 years ago is also vivid in my mind as I think back on a cold night in February - waking up the DH at 2 a.m. to ask if there was gas in the truck. 

After DD1 was born, I never could understand why people felt compelled to ask if we were going to "try for a boy"... like we got it wrong the first time? So I was pretty pleased that morning to welcome DD2 into our little fam. Not so pleased with the 7 hours of back labor, but I guess that is the price you pay.

So, after a little fortification with tacos made from Sunday's left over brisket, we took a little trek down the road about 30 minutes to wish the birthday girl our best.

Here's to my girls!

Monday, February 3, 2014

034:: The End.

Not only was (is) today Monday, but it is what we like to call at work, "That time of the month." The first work day of every month is spent with our heads down, manually reconciling dozens of client accounts that are part of their portfolios, but not a part that we manage. So records must be downloaded from various and sundry websites, with a spreadsheet to keep track of logins and passwords and secret answers, etc. And it HAS to be done on the first day of the month, because sometimes the month end figures are only available this one day. Silly, I know. Nevertheless, it must be done so we can accurately report to our clients what state their portfolio is in.

Needless to say, by the time I get home, I am done. My eyeballs are done. My patience is done. Thankfully, I get a reprieve from cooking dinner because - have I mentioned before? - I have the Best. Husband. In. The. World.

So, my reward to myself tonight was this treat:
Yes, that is a chocolate truffle. And I will admit up front, I had more than one. Followed by a nap. 

And yes, I also did the FLY Lady thing and shined my sink, as well as hung out the laundry... but now, I'm done. 

Goodbye, Monday.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

033:: Super Bowl

What else?
Clearly, everyone had the Super Bowl on their brains today. I could not log on to Facebook without reading play-by-play, groan-by-groan. Finally, I had to log off and get cracking on my taxes. Not quite ready for the CPA, but almost there. And, it was a nice, quiet afternoon while DH was weeping with his friends in the Man Cave.

But the real point of my blog today is to highlight the Super Bowl that we have in our house and use every day. My friend Sherrie is an artist who happens to be blind. Recently, health issues have put a damper on her lifestyle and she has had to put her art on hold while she is in a rehab hospital. As sorry as I am for that, I am not sorry to be the happy recipient of one of her lovely pieces of art when she had to downsize. This bowl now resides on my entertainment center and keeps my keys in line.

I am one of those people who constantly mislays things. My glasses. My cell phone. My keys. I cannot even tell you how many key rings I have mislaid. But since watching The Big Bang Theory, I have learned a thing or two about being consistent with having a place to put "things"... and so, my Super Bowl has come to the rescue.

(Thank you, Sherrie. Thank you Sheldon.)

Saturday, February 1, 2014

032:: What was I thinking?

So, I started out, like I do every year, thinking I would photoblog my way through the year... yeah, right. I should know better by now, one would think.
In the job that I do, January is the month from hell. I am not kidding. But now that I have submitted all the W-2s, 1099s, sales tax reports, quarterly reports, yadayada to infinity and beyond, I can come up for air and (hopefully) get back on track.
In addition to that - dare I say it? I am also jumping back onto the F.L.Y.wagon, starting with shining my kitchen sink and believing for the best.

After returning from shul this morning, I blissfully joined my husband in the garden where some overgrown flower beds were just begging to be whipped back into shape. The corner had an overgrown clump of iris and sociable garlic vying for space (and water).

Our three year old tiny little sprout of lemon grass has multiplied into a monster big enough to fit into a huge container:

We are extending the iris corner outward and dividing the lemongrass monster to go here:

He did most of the digging, but I obliged some with my little hand spade and yanked out the beastly mums that were taking over one flower bed, and replanted a few orphaned daffodils that were displaced in the process.

There is more to be done, but at the point where it began to feel like work instead of joy, I decided to come in for a nap.