Sunday, April 2, 2017

42827 :: Reflecting on Judi

Taking some time to reflect on life after saying good-bye to yet another friend today. Cancer and other illnesses, if nothing else, at least give us time to prepare our hearts for that good-bye, but violent, instant death of a friend happens just as often, I have found. And it is wrenching.

A friend does not need to be a bosom friend or BFF to be missed. A friend is not necessarily that person you spend a lot of time with or have photo albums full of memories. A friend can just as easily be someone who is able to give you her whole smile and attention and make you feel that she genuinely cares about you. It does not take a huge investment of time, but it does involve being real and being vulnerable.

We look at Facebook sometimes and wonder how someone can have so many "friends." It's really quite simple: love on people.

So today we all  hugged each other and said as we seem to say too often these days, "We've got to quit meeting at funerals... let's get together soon."

A profound meme was posted after her memorial service that sums it up for me...
...that was Judi's legacy... the love she deposited into so many lives.

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