Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Thursday to be Thankful For...

Popular culture dictates that we should list one thing on Facebook every day this month that we are thankful for. We should out-perform even Martha Stewart with the Thanksgiving table. We should score the best deals at door-busting sales. We should dress up the fam for Christmas card photos and trek to the earliest open Christmas tree lot to get started on the holiday cheer. If you did not know by now, I don't play This Game by the same rules. Heck, I'm not even sure sometimes if we are even playing the same Game.

My Thursday was spent with my family, that much we do have in common. And for that I am indeed thankful, because so many souls have no family to spend any day with, much less a holiday. So many people have neither the means nor the physical ability to travel the distance to be with family who are far away. So many folks have "family" which are no family at all... or so toxic and unsafe as to warrant keeping your distance. I have none of that. I have two of the most delightful daughters anyone could dream of - both close at hand, two men who love said daughters right out the door, and two precocious and hilarious grands to top off my Most-Amazing-Honey... making my holiday and my every day something I never take for granted, and am ALWAYS thankful for.
Three people who make my life a living JOY

One thing we did not do was spend money. We did not bust down any doors. We did not, by any of our activities, compel any other person to give up their time with family or friends to stand behind a sales desk in order to witness hordes of people grasping over imaginary "deals".

We watched children talking to chickens, people experimenting with new flavors and recipes, not worried about getting things "perfect", dogs getting underfoot in the kitchen hoping to get lucky, people working together and laughing, pushing back from the table and groaning, and after all that, we gathered to watch a movie that we had all seen probably 100 times and could all quote the lines to.

Then we dragged our tired bodies home in silence and tired reflection about how very blessed we have been and are, and so I am going to bed filled with much thanks tonight.

I am so very thankful for two sets of parents who set the standard high when it came to putting value on the truly valuable. It is not our country. It is not our jobs. It is not our portfolios. It is each other. We are richer than rich in the things that truly matter. We have love and respect. We laugh together, we cry together, we support and encourage each other, and we cherish each other.

We are the most blessed of families every day. And today we paused and said it out loud.

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