Monday, February 10, 2014

041 :: Monday, can't trust that day

One would think that at my age I might be a little wiser. One would think...

Alas, I am still stuck in the mindset that ignores the fact that what I put into my mouth has an effect on the rest of my well being.

Case in point: lovely dinner last night with the dearest of friends. Hours spent around the table laughing and crying and make plans for future lovely dinners. The food was great, the company the best. But once again, my judgement was sorely lacking. And really, it wasn't that any one thing was the culprit. Seriously, I just can't eat that much food any more. Steak... roasted potatoes, grilled asparagus and peppers, mixed green salad with more vegetables than I can even name, red wine... followed by a homemade-from-scratch New York cheesecake (gluten free, of course!)

Of course, I won't mention the caprese skewer appetizers, rice crackers, Chinese roasted walnuts... I probably should have stopped right there! But I am not exactly known for leaving well enough alone.

So, between the hot flashes all night long, general lethargy has succeeded in making this a Monday that I would just rather not repeat.

Thank goodness for bone broth in the fridge and detox tea. Lots and lots of detox tea...

Sheesh... will I never learn?

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