Thursday, February 6, 2014

037 :: Moving right along

I have to admit, I am trying really hard to think of something positive to say. I said when we moved in here 9 years ago that my next move would be in a pine box.

Eating my words.

So, even though we have no place to go, I am packing. Because I am done here. And, not being one to wait until the last minute to get ready, I am packing. If it is not essential to life, it is going in a box. Three boxes of books this morning, and now I am dusting annoying knick-knacks and wrapping them in batting. And trying to remember why on earth anyone needs knick-knacks in the first place. Good golly. The first time we moved 41 years ago, we moved in one day. Now... I am happy if I can move in one month.

White coral from the beach of Panga. Just in case I can't remember which vase to put it back in when I eventually unpack.

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