Monday, February 3, 2014

034:: The End.

Not only was (is) today Monday, but it is what we like to call at work, "That time of the month." The first work day of every month is spent with our heads down, manually reconciling dozens of client accounts that are part of their portfolios, but not a part that we manage. So records must be downloaded from various and sundry websites, with a spreadsheet to keep track of logins and passwords and secret answers, etc. And it HAS to be done on the first day of the month, because sometimes the month end figures are only available this one day. Silly, I know. Nevertheless, it must be done so we can accurately report to our clients what state their portfolio is in.

Needless to say, by the time I get home, I am done. My eyeballs are done. My patience is done. Thankfully, I get a reprieve from cooking dinner because - have I mentioned before? - I have the Best. Husband. In. The. World.

So, my reward to myself tonight was this treat:
Yes, that is a chocolate truffle. And I will admit up front, I had more than one. Followed by a nap. 

And yes, I also did the FLY Lady thing and shined my sink, as well as hung out the laundry... but now, I'm done. 

Goodbye, Monday.

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