Saturday, February 1, 2014

032:: What was I thinking?

So, I started out, like I do every year, thinking I would photoblog my way through the year... yeah, right. I should know better by now, one would think.
In the job that I do, January is the month from hell. I am not kidding. But now that I have submitted all the W-2s, 1099s, sales tax reports, quarterly reports, yadayada to infinity and beyond, I can come up for air and (hopefully) get back on track.
In addition to that - dare I say it? I am also jumping back onto the F.L.Y.wagon, starting with shining my kitchen sink and believing for the best.

After returning from shul this morning, I blissfully joined my husband in the garden where some overgrown flower beds were just begging to be whipped back into shape. The corner had an overgrown clump of iris and sociable garlic vying for space (and water).

Our three year old tiny little sprout of lemon grass has multiplied into a monster big enough to fit into a huge container:

We are extending the iris corner outward and dividing the lemongrass monster to go here:

He did most of the digging, but I obliged some with my little hand spade and yanked out the beastly mums that were taking over one flower bed, and replanted a few orphaned daffodils that were displaced in the process.

There is more to be done, but at the point where it began to feel like work instead of joy, I decided to come in for a nap.

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