Tuesday, January 7, 2014

007:: Up for air

Normally, I am not an "I hate Mondays" type of person. I am more of an "I'm so thankful to have a job!" kind of person. It helps that I work with great people.
But yesterday was not one of those days. It only took an hour into my day to be in tears, with my boss asking if I needed to swear. When I shook my head, he asked if I wanted him to pray for me, which I did... and he did. That's just the kind of place I work. People there care about each other.

Today is better. For one thing, I was able to come up for air. For another thing, The Powers That Be gave me permission to stop stressing out, because everything is relative. And it really is.

I did not take a photo today, and that was one of my goals. But I do have a Flashback Tuesday instead, which is almost as good.

Because I'm missing my Auntie today. She left us five years ago, and I still think of the sweet welcome in her eyes, and can hear her saying "Hi hon!" What I wouldn't give for a peck on the check from this loved woman. It really is all relative.

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