Saturday, January 4, 2014

004:: Saturday Farmer's Market

Saturday is a day to spend some quality time together, yet get a few things accomplished that we simply do not have the time or energy for during the week. In the spirit of Shabbat, I do try to keep the "chores" to a minimum, but there is no way around Saturday morning Certified Farmer's Market.

(Yes, there is also a Wednesday morning market, but with only a quarter of the vendors, and only a very few of the ones we like to frequent.)

Deanna and Katie are two of the sweetest ladies who never fail to give us a smile (and a great deal on some really awesome produce!) And, since we only have a short season in which to dehydrate apple slices to last the year, I have to be sure to hit Deanna up every week! Katie is not in Chico every week, so it is always a special treat to be able to stop and chat, and catch up. .

You will never find crisper, sweeter carrots than Pyramid Farms. I'm sorry... I don't care how many times the auto-misters spray down the produce at the grocery store, you just have to wonder how many days/weeks ago those carrots were picked, and how far they were shipped to reach us. No, I prefer to buy local produce, from farmers that live in my community, that I can look in the eye every week and feel a sense of connection. Maybe I am not growing my own garden, but buying from our local Farmer's Market is definitely a better option for our environment than shipping melons from Mexico or Peru.
I also prefer their beets for making Beet Kvass, although the truth is, I am the only one in our house brave enough to drink it. "Some people" apparently have an aversion to beets, a concept I cannot quite wrap my brain around, to be honest! Beets are so yummy!
Of course, no trip to Farmer's Market would be complete without stopping to find out what is happening with Lance. He and his sons spend their summer in Alaska each year, just to be able to supply us with wild caught Alaska Salmon. I cannot thank him enough! I don't usually buy salmon from him on Saturdays, though... I order about $100-$150 worth from him and pick it up at his house. That usually lasts the two of us until they get back with their new catch in autumn. I can't even begin to compare it with (sorry Randy) even Costco. It's not always about the price.

We live in an amazing community. Is it perfect? No. But we have some wonderful people who live here, who make their livings here. So, in the spirit of supporting our community and interacting with the individuals who work so hard to bring us quality food, we look at the bigger picture. I love the warehouse stores as much as anyone, especially when it comes to paper towels and big bags of coffee (which, incidentally are not produced locally!) It just makes sense to shop locally and support our local farmers, which in turn supports our entire community. 
It's not rocket science.

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