Friday, January 3, 2014

003:: Taking care of me

Normally, Fridays are my day off. But, nothing is normal in January. Losing a whole day mid-week at the first of the month only means I am a day behind. No stress!
The real win of the day though was getting a text from my massage therapist letting me know he had a cancellation this afternoon, and would I like to move my appointment up from next week?


It had been over two years since I have had a massage, something I used to do once a month. For the past few years I have been getting weekly chiropractic therapy instead, but when my tax return did not cut it last year, that necessity turned into a luxury, and I have been paying the price in my body ever since.

OK, partly I did myself in by eating wheat indiscriminately when I am allergic. Sometimes you just need an English muffin, know what I mean? But I digress. All those unwise choices have added up to some major inflammation, and massage just intensified that today. What is it about a good massage therapist? They know exactly where your not-so-sweet spots are, first try. Can I just say "ow"?

It does not help the pain to tell me my structure is twisted, or my hip is out. These things I know. That's what happens when you land on your butt when you slip on ice. A good therapist eases up but does not stop... therefore, I am sore. Very sore. So sore, in fact, that I did not cancel next week's appointment, but am going back for a double dose.

Someone's got to take care of me. After my husband, that would be RJ.

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