Friday, December 13, 2013

Otherwise known as party pooper

I am resigned that I am not normal, and I am fine with that. What I am not fine with is people acting shocked or scandalized when they learn I do not do life the same as everyone else.
I am not rude about it: when people say "Merry Christmas!", I smile and say "thank you, same to you!" When people ask if I am ready for Christmas, I smile and say "ready as I'll ever be!"

I do not even bother explaining that I do not celebrate Christmas. I do not give them a lecture about dubious traditions and the commercialization of quasi-religious practices, nor do I rant about the use of phrases such as "It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas" or "Let's keep Christ in Christmas" being a fa├žade of man-made practices taking the place of what was originally intended to be nothing more than a celebration of Emmanuel, God with us. The fact that the date is wrong is not even worth arguing about.

Really, what is the point? They would not appreciate my bashing of their cherished traditions any more than I do when they do the same to me. Besides, as I have said elsewhere, you do not change people's minds by winning an argument. And I am not so sure I would win any here, because people are comfortable with what is familiar.

Having said all that, I do my best to compromise and keep peace in my family when it comes to celebrating family times. I just ask that we keep the commercial separate from their so-called sacred. In that vein, it is our tradition to exchange gifts and have a family get-together on a day other than 12/25. We started that many years ago, and I find it to be the least offensive to everyone involved. Besides, it leaves plenty of room for spending 12/25 with their in-laws, and it works all around.

And, with that same tradition comes the obligatory photo op, which I think came out well this year.
Fun with the fam on Santa Lucia night!
But I did have a little fun with someone when they texted me first thing in the morning on 12/25 with "A Merry Christmas to you!" by texting back: "Enjoy your Saturnalia Celebration!"

My orneryness is showing. ;-)

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