Sunday, November 3, 2013

Life and Death... Redux

I posted recently about Mom being ready to go home, of a time when one gets weary of being on this ride.

We said good-bye to Mom last month and send her off to be with Jesus. With Dad. With Mawmaw and her sis. She was ready to go, and we grudgingly let her... but not without a tear or two.

What a blessing, though, to see things through to the end. What a gift to be able to say "good-bye". It does not escape my notice that many do not have that privilege, and so it was with great sense of honor that we sat and held her hand as she walked though that door.

Now, when we take the Grands to visit GiGi after church, this is what we mean...

Hopefully they will also learn that death is not to be feared, but the next step in the great adventure of life.

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