Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Write Every Day

My friend Kathryn recently offered some advice: "Want to be a great writer? Write every day. Write badly if you have to but write every day."

Now, I am not sure that my career - or even life - goal is to be a "great writer." Not that there isn't room on the board for more writers, but let's face it: at 62, it's rather late in the game to be taking up a new calling.

No, but I do think that there is always room for improvement in anything we do, and to that end, I am challenging myself to write every day for one month and see if I can cultivate a new habit.

Watch this space. I may be sharing thoughts or conclusions or posing questions. Mostly I will be practicing writing. (Except weekends... I will probably skip those unless I have something specifically profound to share.)

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